Ombre Hair Colouring service at George Vallossian Hair Salon

There are perhaps few things as fickle as our love for a particular style of hair. Most trends turn out to be transient, blink and you miss it fads that quickly seem best relegated to old beauty magazines. Then, there are the few, the timeless, whose magnetism and perennial appeal no one can really explain. A classic example is ombre hair (or ambre hair, as some call it).

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  • Expert Olaplex treatment in Knightsbridge London | George Vallossian

    Expert Olaplex treatment in Knightsbridge London | George Vallossian

The history of the beauty industry is replete with products hailed as 'the next big thing' which turned out to be just more of the same old, same old. Sometimes, though, a product comes along that defies expectations, blows away the competition and becomes an indispensable part of the industry.
Olaplex is the perfect example. (Well, George Vallossian of Knightsbridge, too, but that's a whole different article).

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What is Olaplex?

In London, Olaplex has become the buzzword in hair treatment, just as it has around the world. Celebrity endorsements and dramatic before-and-after photos promise unprecedented results. But what is this revolutionary treatment?

To understand what Olaplex is, let's first understand what it is not; it is not a hair conditioner.

Conditioning is a largely cosmetic procedure for your hair which improves its appearance by working on the surface of the strands (despite what conditioner commercial animations depict). This gives hair a temporary smoothness and shine.

An Olaplex treatment, by comparison, is an almost surgical procedure - it penetrates hair and actually re-forms the disulphide sulphur bonds which are broken when hair is subjected to extensive chemical treatments.

The result – hair transformed, hair rejuvenated, hair beautiful.

It is not only this ability of Olaplex to reverse highly damaged hair that has caused such waves; when blended correctly with your colorant, it seems to have the ability to circumvent damage even before it can take hold.

If you have seen your hair grow limp and lifeless after years of successive colour treatments, or if your colourist refuses more treatments for fear of causing permanent damage, or even if you are considering dying your hair for the first time but are apprehensive of the long-term impact, perhaps it is time for you to discover for yourself the Olaplex promise.

How do Olaplex treatments work?

There are three specific components of the Olaplex treatment package – the Bond Multiplier, the Bond Perfector and the Hair Perfector - and a complete Olaplex treatment is a three-step process. The first two have to be applied professionally but you can opt to do the last yourself at home.

  • The George Vallossian Olaplex Experience

    The George Vallossian Olaplex Experience

Step 1 – Olaplex No. 1, the Bond Multiplier
As the name suggests, this product gets to work creating the disulphide bonds in hair that give it its natural bounce and shine. This works whether your hair is limp or frazzled from previous treatments or if you are using Olaplex as insurance for future ones.
In fact, Bond Multiplier is versatile enough to be used as a stand-alone treatment or even mixed with bleach and applied directly to your hair in foils.

Step 2 – Olaplex No.2 – the Bond Perfector
The Bond Perfector is applied after bleach has been rinsed out of your hair and it continues the bond repair process started in the previous stage. The Perfector is left in for at least 20 minutes for maximum penetration to the most damaged parts of your tresses.

Step 3 – Olaplex No.3 – the Hair Perfector
The final step is a breeze and can be self-administered – simply apply the Hair Perfector to damp hair and comb through for maximum exposure. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes before washing your hair normally.
Extend the 10 minutes to an overnight application for even more dramatic results.

The George Vallossian Olaplex Experience

To get the ideal results from Olaplex, its components have to be applied in the right proportions, using the right techniques. This is particularly true of the first two steps which form the foundation upon which hair repair and extended protection can begin.

George Vallossian hair experts specialise in hair damage diagnosis and the application of all stages of the Olaplex treatment. We have achieved fabulous results for our clients by combining our own expertise with the immense potential of the Olaplex system.

We can do the same for you.

There is no need to suffer endless months of colour-damaged hair ever again – Olaplex and George Vallossian of Knightsbridge together will make that a distant memory.

Our VIP Home Service covers several areas of London. Please contact us for further details.

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  • Perfect Hair Extensions in Knightsbridge’s Perfect Surrounds – George Vallossian of London

    Perfect Hair Extensions in Knightsbridge’s Perfect Surrounds – George Vallossian of London

The best hair extension salon in London knows a secret:

The essence of the perfect hair extension treatment is that it does not look like a hair extension treatment; it looks like more of your own fabulous hair.

At George Vallossian, we are experts at matching hair extensions to the colour and texture of your mane, be it natural or coloured. This creates a seamless union which looks and moves naturally whether it is resting on your shoulders or wafting in the breeze.

To achieve this, we choose from our diverse stock of 100% human hair. Using the latest technology in micro loop hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions, we select the best strands to blend into your hair and create a stunning work of art that few other London hair boutiques can match.

  • 100 percent human hair extensions

    100 percent human hair extensions

We have all our 100% human hair in stock; this means that our hair extensions experts can assess what works best for your hair and then attach the extensions on the same day. If not, we can order the perfect hair in for you within 24 hours.

The Personal Touch of Experts

George Vallossian offers a wide range of professional hair care and hair enhancement services to our clients at our prestigious hair salon in Knightsbridge, London.

Each of our hair care experts has been personally vetted for their knowledge of and familiarity the latest and most effective techniques, a dedication to innovative hair care and the passion for fashion that sets us apart from the rest.

We hone our creativity so every client who sits in a George Vallossian chair gets our legendary professional care as well as a personalised touch unique to them.

Complete Hair Care

A visit to the George Vallossian Knightsbridge hair salon is an escape to a luxurious all-in-one retreat for your hair.

We provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of premium hair care services anywhere in London. From the quick to the elaborate, the temporary to the semi-permanent, from recreating the latest trend to blazing a trail, our expert hands will allow your hair to fulfil its potential to delight and amaze.

  • Complete Hair Care and VIP Service

    Complete Hair Care and VIP Service

Rest and rejuvenate each strand with our array of personalised hair care treatments as we provide the perfect single or series of hair care experiences. You simply have to sit back and relax in opulent comfort as we do the work, and then glide out the door, turning heads as you breeze gracefully past.

VIP Service at Home

Sometimes, the best and most convenient place to sit back and enjoy personalised attention is your own home. For that, we offer the George Vallossian VIP home service.

Forget the hassle of unwanted attention, traffic and weather – for a small fee, our hair care experts will come straight to you. Join the ranks of the few who receive the renowned George Vallossian treatment from the comfort and convenience of home.

Our VIP Home Service covers several areas of London. Please contact us for further details.

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