Hair Ombre

Ombre hair - Reveal the goddess in you with this simple technique.

There are perhaps few things as fickle as our love for a particular style of hair. Most trends turn out to be transient, blink and you miss it fads that quickly seem best relegated to old beauty magazines. Then, there are the few, the timeless, whose magnetism and perennial appeal no one can really explain. A classic example is ombre hair (or ambre hair, as some call it).

Ombre hair's debut on the scene was rather muted and its popularity skyrocketed only after several A-list celebrities adopted the beautifully versatile look. Since then, the ombre hair trend has been largely immune to the whims of fashionistas, extending its reign at the top today to almost 5 years, which is virtually unprecedented territory. Part of this lasting popularity could be attributed to the ongoing love affair that the world of celebrity seems to have with ombre hair's nuanced, yet striking look.

Something about gentle transitions appeals to our sense of aesthetics and ombre hair captures that perfectly. Eschewing the hard lines of dip-dyeing for intermingled fusion and infinite hues of change, ombre hair becomes a playground for light. It teases the eyes with subtle shifts of hue and tinge, and each strand of hair becomes to beauty what the strings of a guitar are to music.

The appeal of hair goes beyond just visual indulgence. Stylistically, ombre hair adds definition and depth to curly and wavy hair, and volume to a bob cut. It can be applied to every shade of hair, even the lightest blonde. Blonde ombre hair can go both ways - darker hair fades to blonde while a reverse ombre darkens light hair to a darker shade.


Ombre hair at george Vallossian

If you are considering ombre hair, Knightsbridge is the destination to key into your GPS navigator. George Vallossian Hair Salon at Beauchamp Place amazes regular clientele from Knightsbridge, South Kensington and the Brompton Road area, as well as national and international fans, many who stay at the nearby Park Tower Hotel, Millennium Hotel, 45 Parklane and The Dorchester.

The George Vallossian approach is to personalise each treatment to your sense of style and the image you want to project. Our ombre hair experts don't just colour your hair ombre, they are your personal hair consultants before, during and after the treatment. If there is a particular look that you want, or specifics like how far from your roots you want the ombre effect to begin, bring in a few pictures to show us.

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If you love the look and want to try to do it yourself, here are the basics to get you looking fantastic from the comfort of your own home.

First, you need the very basic tools:

  1.  Hair Dye - any shade from the popular to the outrageous
  2.  Gloves - you don't want to dye your hands
  3.  Paddle - for easy application

Before you begin, brush your hair to eliminate knots that will disrupt the even transitions of colour. Often, the best way to ombre long or thick hair is to break it up into sections and pin or tie them separately. This allows for a more nuanced look and more depth in the final result. Those with darker hair may want to bleach the ends first for a blank canvas. 

When your hair is dry, apply the dye with the paddle from the point where you want the transition to begin. Sometimes, tying your locks at this pint before you begin works as the perfect guide. Slight variation between locks is recommended. Brush the dye right through the ends of your hair.

You can either choose to blow - dry immediately, which allows you to see the results quicker, or wait a little longer and air-dry your hair, which is better for your tresses.