Unique Approach, Extraordinary Results

  • Unique Approach, Extraordinary Results

    What is a strand of hair but a wisp so light it floats on air, so pliable that it bends in the wind?

    Yet, a lock of hair falling from behind a ear, the glint of soft, luxuriant tresses catching the sun, and the sillage of freshly-washed hair can titillate the senses of both men and women to a degree far exceeding such seeming insignificance.

    It is with this poetic perspective that we at George Vallossian visualise the striking potential your hair holds.

    We see each visit by every client as a new opportunity to enhance his or her unique look and flair. Always working in close collaboration with you, our hair care and styling experts use their professional training, experience and intuition to devise the perfect evolution in your journey of style.

  • Our Motto

    There exists a nexus of art and science, of precision and flair, and of dreamers and doers in the heart of Knightsbridge, London.

    George Vallossian.

    But at George Vallossian, we cast off those labels to focus on what matters – You, your Hair, and how those individual entities coalesce to create the Look that you present to the world.

    Our philosophy is that each of these is a living, evolving concept which is independent while still interdependent on the other two; we strive to create the ideal manifestation of each through unrivalled attention to detail and an understanding of your needs and desires by our team of relentless perfectionists.

    A visit to George Vallossian does more than give you a new look – it transforms every day into a good hair day.